No one gets there alone

That’s why Elevate shows up

Our Mission

Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.

our vision:
Building a new generation of leaders

The Need

Transformative relationships

If you consider yourself successful, chances are, somewhere along your journey there were people who encouraged or pushed you towards your potential. It may have been a parent, a teacher, a relative, or a mentor.
Unfortunately, many of today’s youth in Kansas City lack this positive guidance, resulting in alarming dropout, teen pregnancy, and incarceration rates. That’s where Elevate comes in—with meaningful relationships, opportunities, and experiences that shape students into the young adults we know they can become.

Our Programs

meeting kids where they need us most

Using this strategy means employing full-time, salaried teacher-mentors, year-round programming, cross-age mentoring, and a long-term relational approach in four areas: accredited classes, mentoring, adventure, and Pathways to Purpose, our college & career planning program. We currently have teacher-mentors supporting Center Elementary School and Center High School in the Center School District.

elevate student sitting cutout

The Impact

real lives changed

We equip students to grow in strong character, school success, community engagement, and personal and relational responsibility.

Our Story

Watch the video to learn about Elevate Metro KC

no one gets there alone